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Plain Eyeglasses Camera
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User Manual of Plain Eyeglasses Camera
 ●  Product Accessories
● Eyeglasses camera            ● USB cable             ● User manual CD   
● A clip                        ● Glasses cloth          ●spectacles bag
 ●   Picture & Button

1. TF Card Slot            2. Power On/Off/Video Button     3. Camera          
4.LED Indicator Light             5. USB port                6.Reset         
Technical Data
This product is the world's first high-definition plain eyeglasses camera, design of flexible, suitable for different face & different needs and taste the pursuit of people. The operation is simple, one-click audio, photo, storage. It is widely used in all kind of people, such as fashion master、 reporter、 traffic、 police、 hunter, field training、mountain climbing、biological zoologist、 students、 travelers, etc.
1) Main functions: recording video and audio at the same time, taking photo, USB drive, plain glasses and web camera
2) Small in shape, wide use range and highly hidden.
3) Video format: AVI, 1280*720
4) Photo format: JPEG, 2560*1920
5) External memory: 1-32GB, Max32GB
6) USB: 2.0 (Hs)
7) Charging time: 2-3hours
8) Battery use time: Polymer Li battery. Can work 1-2 hours continually
9) Playback software: apple player, Real player, video of the storm
10) Operation systems: Windows 7/ 2000/ XP/ Vista
●  Insert card
Before using this device please insert TF card. If switch it on without card, the two lights are alternately flashing, system will power off automatically after 30 seconds.
Attention: when memory is full, the two lights alternately flashing, system will power off automatically after 30 seconds.
Switch on
Under power off mode, long press Function Button, blue light flash one time then yellow light keeps on, the camera enter into standby mode.
Attention: Under standby mode, the system will power off automatically without any operation in 10s.
●   Taking Photo
Under standby mode, press Function Button once, the yellow light flashes once, indicating one photo was taken and was saved and the device comes into photo standby mode. If for more photos, you can repeat above operation.
Recording video
Under standby mode, long press Function Button, yellow light flashes 3 times and then turns off, showing it is recording. Shortly press function button, blue light flashes 3 times and turns off, the device stops recording and saved file, then camera power off.
Attention: After saved the video file, the system will directly power off after saved the video files, not enter into the standby mode
USB Disk
Under power off mode, connect it with the computer via the USB cable, it will shows a removable disk on the computer, at this time, the camera can be used as a U disk
Web camera
The device can be used as web camera. Install driver software:" STK02N 2.0.exe" in the user manual CD before use. After switched on, connect it with the computer via the USB cable. At this time, the computer will appear a standard web camera to use.
         Attention: Owing to there is no automatic discharge function by this drive, when install the drive even-times, the system will discharge drive as default. At the same time some drive files will be deleted and PC camera can’t be used. In this case,reinstall the drive to work normally.
   Power off
1. Under standby mode, within 10s, there is no operation, system will power off automatically;
2. While recording videos, shortly press function button, system will power off after file was saved
3. When using the camera, if the battery power shows low, the two lights will alternately flashing 3 times then system will power off automatically. The camera will automatically save the current video file before power off.
Under incorrect operation or uncertain reason, the device should be reset, at this time, insert the clip into the reset hole to reset lightly, and then the device is at power off mode.
Attention: 1.During recording video, If reset it directly, files won’t be saved, so please operate it cautiously. While resetting, please control your strength, in order to not destroy the components.
Under power-off mode, connect the camera to computer by USB cable. While charging, the blue light keeps on, yellow light keeps on it is fully charged.
●  Playback video
After video recording, connect the camera to your computer via USB cable then play removable disk, and select the video file you can double-click the computer to play. Make sure play back software installed before connect to computer.
●  Updating time
First use the camera, or time goes wrong, it can reset, the method as follows:
Create a txt file named “TIME”, edit it according to the format “2011.05.20 10:10:10”.
Copy the file to the root of the disk of the camera and pull the camera out of computer.
When starting the camera again next time, the time will be reset and updated.
●   Attention
1) Under standby mode, the camera will power off automatically if no any operation in 10 seconds.
2) The system will save the video file firstly then turn off if it is low power when taking video.
3) When taking video continually, the system will automatically generate a new video file after each operation
4) Keep a proper distance and DV Vertical with good ample lighting while recording to ensure a good shooting image.
5) The time of PC recognizing the device is different according to its different system     and configuration, so please not operate during recognizing. If the device can’t be recognized, please check your computer’s operation system, device drivers, USB port and the USB cable is normal, and then connect the hardware again. 
6 The device has memory function by using built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery. Please charge the battery fully after you have used out the battery first 5 times. So that you can access the maximum capacity of the battery, reaching the standard working hours..