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Users Manual

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Sports Action Camera User Manual JVE-HD05
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Sports Action Camera User Manual
1.       Do not use the camera in extremely hot, cold, dusty, or damp environment.
2.       The camera is shock resistant, NOT shock proof. Please avoid dropping the unit.
3.       Do not submerge in water. The camera is water resistant, NOT waterproof.
4.       The battery life may vary in different conditions of use and outdoor temperatures. Normal operation time is 3.5 hours.
5.       The camera requires a micro SD card to work. Please insert a Micro SD card before using.
6.       Please check and charge the camera if it has not been used for a long period of time.
7.       Please do not disconnect the camcorder during the downloading, uploading or formatting. Doing so may cause a program error or Memory Card problems and potential loss of data/files.
8.       If using as a portable USBMemory device, please eject the unit from your computer before disconnecting according to the correct file management and operational method. Failure to do so may cause loss of data/files.
9.       We will not take responsibility any loss of data. Please follow the user manual and backup your digital video’s.
10.   Do not take dismantle and open up the camera yourself, this will break the tamper seal and invalidate the warranty. If you have a question or problem, please contact us.
11.   For best results, do not use the camera in very dark or strong light.
12.   The camcorder will automatically while connected to the USBport to computer.

640*480 VGA Digital recording with audio
Records up to 10.5 hours of digital video on a 32 GB Micro SD card
Battery life-up to 3.5 hours recording time
One touch recording
Plug and Play
LED recording indicator
Robust metal casing
Weather proof
Date/Time stamp on digital video(optional)
Image Sensor CMOS
View Angle 60 degrees
Recording Resolution 640*480
Recording Frame 30 fps
Video File Size 850KB/second
US B Interface US B 2.0
Memory Support micro SD card up to 32 GB
Battery Working Time Up tp 3.5 hours
Battery Charging Time Approx 3 hours
Dimension 95*28*28cm
Weight 64 grams
NB: Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Quick Guide
1. Insert a micro SD card into the memory card slot.
2. Press and hold the Record / stop button until LED indicators turn on (left - red, right - green) - the unit is now in standby and ready to record.
3. Wait about 5 seconds, then press the button again, the right LED indicator (green) will flash - the camera is now recording.
4. Press the button again and the right LED indicator (green) will stop flashing - indicating the unit has stopped recording and the video files is saved automatically.
5. Press and hold the button again in standby mode and the camera will turn off.
1. Make sure the camera is switched-off and the micro SD card is inside the unit.
2. Connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable provides.
3. Your Laptop/PC will now find new hardware on computer (this can take up to 30 seconds). A “Removable Disk” will show up on the screen, the camera now is functioning as a USB flash driver.
4. Click on the “Removable Disk” on your PC, you can read the files recorded now. You can also copy the files onto your computer.
5. Remove camera from the computer.
NB. The unit’s recorded video files are automatically saved in AVI format. Windows software includes Windows Media Player which directly supports playing and viewing the AVI files. Please open any video file by double clicking the video file and play it.
1. Connect the camera to your PC or USB charger by using the USB cable provided.
2. Once connected, the left LED indicator on Action Camera will turn red and flash. Your unit is now charging.
3. After approximately two hours, the Red LED will stop flashing and remain on - keep charging one hour more to ensure your battery is completely recharged.
4. Remove it from your PC or charger.
Set date / time
1. Create a new “.txt” file, name it as “time.txt”.
2. Put the correct date and time into the file according to the below format. L.e.
2013.12.18 12.11.00 Y 50 or 2013.12.18 12.11.00 N 60
2013 is the year, 12 is the month, 18 is the date, 12 is the hour, 11 is the minute, 00 is the second, Y = with Date / time watermark
N = without Date / time watermark
50 = 50Hz  60 = 60Hz
NB. Please ensure you set correct frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) for best results - this makes sure that there is no interference from indoor lighting.
3. Save file, and copy it into micro SD card.
4. Remove camera from computer, restart then record, the date and time are set up successfully.
Trouble shooting
Q: The camera will not record.
A: 1) Check that a Micro SD card has been installed.
   2) Re-format the Micro SD Card or try another Micro SD Card to ascertain whether it is the
     SD Card problem.
Q: The unit will not charge, what should I do?
A: 1) Check if you connect everything well, and if USB cable or charger is in good condition.
   2) Contact customer service by your retailer.
Q: How can I know if the card is full?
A: The green indicator flashes quickly then the camera turns off automatically.
Q: How do I know if the power is low?
A: The red LED indicator illuminates and flashes quickly and the camera will turn off
Q: The video and audio is out of step when played on PC, why?
A: Your media player may be missing a codec update. Try to play videos by other player, such as VLC, KM or Storm media players