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Users Manual

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User Manual of HD Car DVR Camera JVE-27F-1
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Product Accessories
● Camera    ● USB cable    ● User manual     ● Charger    ● Battery          ● USB car charger (built-in 12V to 5V adaptor)     ● AV output cable   ● Bracket
Picture & Button
1. 2.7inch screen              8. MIC            
2. ON/OFF/LED light button    9. Camera
3. Reset                     10. Pinchcock
4. Menu                     11. AV output 
5. UP                       12. USB port
6. Down                     13. TF card slot
7. Confirm/Start/Pause          
Product Data:
1) Main function: Recording video & audio simultaneously, taking photos, motion detection, cycle recording, web camera, vehicle travelling recording, LED light, USB disk.
Video format: AVI, 320*240,640*480,848*480,1280*720,1440*1080,1920*1080
3)  Photo format: JPEG, 2560*1920, 3264*2448
4)  External Memory: TF card 2GB- 32 GB
5)  USB: 2.0(Hs)
6)  Charging time: 8-9 hours
7)  Using time: Built-in Li battery, continuously working for 5-6 hour
8) Operation systems: No need for driver installation if the operating system is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ VISTA or above (Wndows98 is excepted)
l        Charging
1)      Working by the built-in Li-ion battery: connecting with USB car charger or connecting to computer with USB cable. While charging, the green light is on, when the dvr is fully charged, the green light will be off automatically.
2)  Working by the 12V USB car charger. When the car powers on, the DVR will start recording automatically; 10 minutes after the car powers off, the DVR will save the files and power off.
Attention : the car power must be with 5V output and have to press the Power ON/OFF button for long time or cut off the power when connecting the car car charger, so that the DVR can be turned off.
Turn on/Recording
1)        Shortly press the ON/OFF key or connect the car charger, the DVR will enter the       recording mode automatically (please insert the TF card first).At that time, the blue     light flashes, the recording files will be saved in the TF card automatically.
2)        When taking away the USB car charger or long pressing the ON/OFF key, the DVR     will power off, and the blue light will stops flashing.
Emergency lock
Under recording condition, shortly press the ON/OFF key once, it can lock the current file. The file will not be deleted during cycle recording.
Taking Photo
1)        Shortly press the ON/OFF key to start the DVR, and press the Confirm/Start/Pause key to stop recording.
2)        Shortly press the ON/OFF key, it enters the photo taking mode, short press Confirm/Start/Pause key, one photo is taken.
Led Light
When recording, please press the “ON/OFF/LED Light” button. The LED light will turn on
Review and Delete files
1)        Power on the DVR and press Confirm/Start/Pause key to stop recording. Shortly press the ON/OFF key twice, it enters reviewing mode (or short press ON/OFF key under photo-taking mode). Press UP key, choose the recorded file and press Confirm/Start/Pause key to playing or preview the file, now we can play or review the file.
2)        If we want to delete the file, after stopping recording, then press Menu key, it enters Deleting mode. Press Down key, choose deleting or formating; Then press Menu key again, it exits operations.
Functions setting
1)        Power on the DVR and stop recording, then press Menu key ,it enters setting menu interface;
2)        Press Down key to choose the detailed parameters.
3)        At last, press the Confirm/Start/Pause key and confirm the operation.
4)        After finishing all the setting operation, press the Menu key again, then it will close the setting interface.
1) Video resolution:(1920*1080) (1440*1080) (1280*720), default setting (848*480) (640*480) (320*240)
2)  Menu language: English (default setting) /French /Spanish /Germany /Italian /Simple Chinese /Traditional Chinese /Russian /Japanese /Korean
3)        Format :deleting all information in the TF card
4)        Frame rate: 1920*1080 24fps,other video resolution with 30fps
5)        Light frequency:50Hz(default setting) /60Hz
6)        Date/Time: under standby mode, press the Menu key twice to enter the setting interface, then press the Down key and set the date& time, then press the Confirm/Start/Pause key to save.
7)        Cycle Recording time: OFF/1minute/3mintues (default setting)/5minutes; when choosing OFF, the DVR will stop recording when the TF card is full, and it will not record cycle.
8)        Time stamp: OFF/ON (default setting). When choosing OFF, the video will not be with time stamp.
9)        Default setting: Cancel/Confirm. When choosing Confirm, the DVR will restore to factory settings.
10)    Motion detection: OFF(default setting)/ON
11)    Audio recording: OFF/ON(default setting)
12)    Version: show the software version number and the publishing time of software
Download Files
Connecting the DVR to the computer by the USB cable, there are two options on the displaying screen(memory card/camera), please remember to insert the memory card, at the time, choose the “memory card”, it appears the U disk, then we can download the files. Or press the down key to choose camera, only can you use that function normally is under the condition that the computer have installed the driver “STK03N”.
Connect the DVR to the TV by the AV out cable, and the screen of the DVR will be off, and all the video will be displayed on the TV.
1)Please insert the TF card to the DVR before recording.
2)Please supply the power by the USB car charger. The car charger is built-in 12V to 5V adapter. If the output voltage is over 5V, then the DVR will be burned down.
3)When continuously recording, system will generate a new video file after each operation, if set the time is 2mins or 5mins when single recording, the device will save the video as the set time.
4)Connect to computer: the time for computer with different system or configuration to identify the hardware is slightly different. During this period, please wait for a moment. If computer can’t identify, please make sure your operating system, drivers and USB interface cable in good work order, then connect again.
5)Under a bright environment, keep the device and 50-centimeter distance from the scene and audio mode is within 40 square meters you want to record in order to achieve a best effect. This device hasn’t any anti-trembling function, so please hold the device stable.
6)As the device has built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, so it has a memory effect. We advise in the first 5 times of usage, charge the battery fully after the battery is out of use, so that the battery can work with its max working hours perfectly.
Technical Parameter
1)Video resolution:(1920*1080) (1440*1080) (1280*720), default setting (848*480) (640*480) (320*240)
2)Compression format: MJPG
3)Cycle recording/motion detection
4)Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery/USB car charger
5)Support TF card, maximum up to 32GB
6)Audio recording: on/off
7)Video recording: on/off
8)Output: AV OUT
9)Lens: OV9712 Sensor +650nm lens
10)White balance: 2pcs white lights
 Screen:2.7inch HD LCD