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Birthday Party in Jan.,2010
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Birthday Party in Jan.,2010

On Jan.23, we all in Mingnan Huitai company celebrated our first happy birthday party in New Year full with gratitude and hope.The birthday person this time was our dear A Pan.
Before the birthday party, we all took part in making dumplings, we felt fun and warm love among us with heart together.
The boy below who named Xiao Zhuang is quite professional in cooking, we all admire his speciality .

As we have made dumpling last time, thus we all do better job this time. There were joyful laughers filled in the room.

Below is the birthday person, you could feel his big and charming smile.

He made all of us so happy with his special way of blowing out candles on the birthday cake.

As he is quite good are singing songs, he sang fantastic songs for us to expressing thanks with happily.

The highlight of this birthday party was playing games. When two hosts inform us that the first game was Tongue Twister, it really made all of us feel difficult, during the game, many interesting came out, we felt very exciting and joyful.