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Participate in Charity Sale Activity
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Participate in Charity Sale Activity

On May, 8, 2010, as a member of Shenzhen Red Cross Association, our company took part in charity sale activity tocommemorate 5.8 “Passing Love, Keeping Alive” charity sale activity “, which hold in Centre Square of Futian, Shenzhen.

On that day, we sold many kinds of mini mouse speaker and mini DV cameras in this activity. All of our proceeds were donated to Red Cross Association. (Look at picture 1)

All our families’ members worked hard, we promoted our products and the meaning of the activity. We hope every citizen give their love, help the people who need our help.

Our activities moved a lot of citizens with our passions and enthusiasm. They don’t ask for the charge when they bought the products. Some citizens even paid RMB100 to buy one piece mini mouse speaker. We labeled a love to them when they donated their love. (Look at picture 2)

Passing Love, Keeping Alive”, through our family members’ hard work and citizen’s support, we achieved a good result in this activity. We were impressed by Red Cross Association, they present a trophy awarded to us. (Look at picture3)

For the charity activity, it was not how much you contribute, but you gave you love, helping those in need of help.