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Outdoor sports camera

  • Name: waterproof HD SPORT DVcamera
  • Model: JVE-HD-05B
  • Brief:1 、 Accessories : ●quick changed sit ● products snap ring ●bicycle brackets ● helmet sit ● plane paste sit ● camber paster sit ● cover ●charger ● waterproof O ring ● clean cloth ● USB cable ● Lithium battery ●...
Detailed Introduction
●quick changed sit       ● products snap ring      ●bicycle brackets   ● helmet sit
● plane paste sit          ● camber paster sit       ● cover           ●charger
● waterproof O ring        ● clean cloth        ● USB cable      ● Lithium battery
● Strap                  ● Manual       
2Picture & buttons
1. USB port       2. U drive mode/ Webcam         3. Video recording while charging    
4. MIC hole       5. Video recording mode          6. Camera mode        7. Micro SD     
8. Battery          9. On and Off button/ function button     10. Lens
l  Main functions: recording video & audio simultaneously, taking photos automatically, work while charging, USB drive
l  Video format:AVI, 1280*720
l  Picture format:JPEG,3840*2160
l  Audio format:WAV
l  Internal Memory: 4GB,Max 32GB
l  USB: 2.0(Hs)
l  Battery :550mAh/850mAh(optional)
l  Charging time : 3-4hours
l  Using time: 3-4hours
l  Operation systems: No need for driver installation if the operating system is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/2003/ Vista/Mac OS10.4
1.    Inserting and removing Micro SD card
1. Insert the Micro card into the card slot and indicated until it's fixed.
2. Press down the Micro SD card and wait until it pops out. Then remove the card
 1. Please insert the card in the right direction into the device to avoid damage.
 2. If the card is incompatible with the device, please insert it again or try a new card.
2.    Recording video:
Under the video mode, long press the power button (9), product vibration continual which means the camera open, blue light long on, video into standby mode. Short press the function button(9) to begin to record video, blue lights flash slowly. Then short press the function button(9) to pause and save the video files.
3.    Taking photos automatically:
Under the photo mode, power on the device, the red light long on and the device enter into the photo standby mode. Short press the function button(9) , then the device will shoot photos every 3 seconds continually. Red light flash 1 time means one photo is taken and saved. If you need stop shooting, short press the function button again. Red light keeps on, device return to take photo standby mode.
4.    Connecting to computer
a.    USB Drive/webcam
USB Drive mode
The conversion key is under the U disk mode. When connect to the computer, it’s U disk mode. It will show a removable disk.  Red light keeps on. Now you can play the files of Micro SD card and delete the unnecessary files.
Webcam mode
Under the U disk mode, short press the power button(9). And you can find the U disk change to be a camera device on our computer now. Click the camera symbol to use the webcam.
b.    Work while charging
When the two conversion keys are under work while charging mode and video recording mode . Connect the device to the computer, the device will vibration one time and the blue light flash slowly. Now the device is recording video automatically. Short press the function button(9) to stop and save the video files. Then the blue light will keep on. Now you can change the conversion key to be photo taking mode, indicator light will change to be red and keeps on. Short press the button, the red light flash slowly, means the device is taking photos every 3 seconds automatically now. Short press the function button to stop .
Attention: when recording while charging, pls save the file before remove the USB cable. Otherwise, it will not be able to save the files.
a.           If the device can’t be recognized or there is no signal of removable disk show up after 30 seconds after you connect with the computer, please connect the computer again.
b.          We suggest that you copy or cut the video files to your computer hard disk when you want to playback, it may be not play smoothly because the data size is too big to play on this device memory.
c.           Please confirm your computer had installed the play software before you connect it with computer. , 
5.    Power off:
a.    The device will turn off automatically without any operation about 3 minutes under standby mode.
b.    Long press the power on/off /switch button to turn off the device.
6.    Reset
Insert the pin into the RESET hole to restart the device once it does not work normally by incorrect operations.(Attation: pls do not reset the device under the water to protect the device )
7.    Charging :
a.    Under power off/standby mode, connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable for charging.
b.    To charge the device by charger or car charger. The red light will flash slowly and it will keeps on after a full charged.
c.    The camera built-in high capacity lithium polymer battery, a memory effect, so the initial use of the first five times, and then charge the battery to run out of capacity, to start the battery maximum capacity, access to standard working hours.
8.     Time setting:
a.     if you want to delete the display on the video, pls create a new time.txt file under the root directory as follow format: hr:min:sec N 3
eg: (2012.09.09 12:30:00 N 3)
Then save the TXT file and remove the device. The time will not be displayed on the video when you recording next time.
b.    If you want to revise and save the time on the video files, pls create a new time.txt file as the follow format: hr:min:sec Y 3
Eg: (2014.09.09 12:30:00 Y 3)
Save and exit the file, the time modification is now completed. The time will be displayed next time when you turn on the camera.
c.     If you need to revise the cycle time, you can change the number “3” to the cycle time you want.  
Note: “Y” means to display the time on the video
     “N” means to do not display the time on the video.
     “3” means when you are recording video, the video files will save automatically every 3 minutes.(the time should be set up for 3-6 minutes. If it is not in this range, the camera will loop in 3 minutes by default. )
9.   Attention
l  When it is recording, if power is low, the system will first save the video content first, then automatically shut down
l  Under continuous recording mode, the device will save a video file automatically every 3 minutes by default without revise.
l  Please keep the camera in brighter environment, to maintain the camera vertical and stable, and keep the review within a certain distance to obtain better effect.
l  The time of PC recognizing the device is different according to its different system and configuration, so please not operate during recognizing. If the device can’t be recognized, please check your computer’s operation system, device drivers, USB port and the USB cable is normal, and then connect the hardware again.
l  Remember that when you tap with the clip to reset, do not be too hard to avoid damage to other components.