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Logistics delivery mode

Sending the goods to your company by our driver:
Only for companies and our dealers in Shenzhen city who order certain quantity.

Coming to our company to fetch the goods:
Welcome to fetch goods from us. Our company is located in a place of convenient transportation. There are products showing room with full categories for your choice, and professional sales providing quality test and function introduction and other super services. 

Shenzhen city express: 
Half a day arrival in Shenzhen city. Within 1KG is RMB10.00, RMB2.00/KG for additional per KG.

National express:
Normally 1-3 days delivering. Suitable express for different regions: freight fee is calculated by expressing companies: such as S.F express etc.

EMS express, domestic postal usually 2-4 days. Higher shipping cost.
Highway transportation:
2-7 days in normal. Suitable for bulk cargo; customer required to fetch goods from Freight Company and pay in cash so there is no freight in ordering contract.
1) Make sure accurate shipping address, consignee & contact telephone number.
2) Request promptly for tracking number from our company.
3) Confirm the package and quantity when the goods arrive to you and contact us immediately for any damage, otherwise any loss is not our responsibility.

Delivery time

Sending the goods to your company by our driver:

Normally prepare to send goods when receive order (Only for companies or dealers in Shenzhen city who order certain quantity products), phone contact in special situation.

Coming to our company to fetch the goods:
From Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm, call us if any special situation happens.

Shenzhen city express: 
Send goods before 12:00 am, and 6:00 pm each working day. Arrival within half a day.

National express:
Send goods before 6:00 pm daily. Normally 1-3 days for arrival. 

EMS express: 
Inform EMS to fetch package before 5:00 pm and send morning order in the afternoon, while sending the afternoon ordered goods next day.

Privacy protection

Personal information:

Normally, you can visit our website without providing your name or other personal information, but sometimes we may need your cooperation with related information to deal with order, contact and service, etc.

Purposes of information:
1) For our online transaction communication, in order to satisfy your purchase demands and others.
2) To keep you in touch with us to develop customer satisfaction survey, market research, etc.
3) To analyze the innominate data (for example data of visiting our website). 
4) To help to develop our business relationship (if you are our business partners or wholesalers)